Collection: Sunflower Collection

Bring the sunny cheer of Sunflowers to beach days with our Sunflower Collection. It’s always heartwarming when you see this flower. Our Sunflower Collection pays homage to the sunshine and happiness associated with Sunflowers through an assortment of fashionable apparel and bikinis. You’ll definitely stand out with the floral overload in this Sunflower Collection. Each item features our signature Sunflower sublimation print on all the looks you need for days at the beach. Whether it’s a bikini and matching shorts, sweatshirts, or leggings, this Sunflower Collection will have your wardrobe shining brighter than ever. 

Swimsuit Garden’s push for sustainability is reflected in each item of our Sunflower Collection. Recycled materials were used in the production of our apparel to reduce global pollution and push for a more sustainable lifestyle.