Live Your Dream of Doing Absolutely Nothing

Live Your Dream of Doing Absolutely Nothing

Life is all about living your dreams to the fullest - even if your dreams consist of spending all day on the water, doing absolutely nothing.

Ok, maybe you're sipping some ice cold champagne on a boat and getting your daily dose of Vitamin D. Maybe, there's refreshing snacks like shrimp cocktail, caviar or chocolate covered strawberries... 

Perhaps, a warm breeze is sweeping back your hair into the perfect Instagram- worthy, sea-salted selfie. 

The champagne has you feeling confident and sexy. 

Right about now is probably when you'd want to slip off your swim shorts and go full on bikini. You want to absorb those rays after all (with sunscreen, of course).

That's a typical (imagined) day in the life of one of our swimsuits - and also a Duke Dumont music video, I'm pretty sure. But, you get the picture. 

There are a lot of things we want to do, but often put off for one reason or another. We're always waiting until next week, next month, or the hypothetical 'tomorrow' to finally live our dreams - and in the meantime, life passes us by.

Here at Swimsuit Garden, we want to encourage you to get out there and live your life to the fullest - even if that means an entire day of doing nothing.

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