Travel: Humpback Whales of Hawaii

Travel: Humpback Whales of Hawaii

The humpback whales are a spectacle to behold. Their migration is an incredible journey that takes them from the freezing cold waters of Alaska to the warm, tropical waters off the coast of Hawaii. This long voyage is made every year.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to travel to Hawaii while the Humpback Whales were making their seasonal visit. Watching these magnificent creatures leap out of the water was awe inspiring and humbling.

Moments like these definitely have a way of nurturing a love and appreciation for the ocean and the sea life that lives there. It's hard not to be humbled when you see these gentle giants up close in the wild; they're a reminder that we humans are just a small piece of this great planet. 

Not far off the coast, the Humpback Whales can be seen diving out of the water and flapping their tails...


Adding to the beauty of the moment are rolling green mountains along the shore line, and rainbows off in the distance.


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